How Does HSARx Keep Prices Low?

Why Are HSARx's Prices So Cheap?

Thanks to the HSARx proprietary pricing and adjudication engine, our drug discount savings program saves individuals up to 80% on their out-of-pocket drug costs. The engine directly integrates with a member's health savings account (HSA), or other listed debit/credit card. This integration grants members access to discounts traditionally only available to large insurance companies.

Every time a member fills a prescription, the HSARx engine automatically bills their listed HSA account or debit/credit card on file. This action triggers the discounted price and payment for the prescription.

The HSARx program is 100% free to use – no monthly fee or sign-up costs.

Remember, with the HSARx program your prescriptions will always cost less than retail (up to 80% or more) and almost always less than the competition.

Thank you for your inquiry and please let us know if we can assist you with any other questions. 😊