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How to Navigate Through My Member Account

HSARx Member Dashboard

If you are here that means you have made the awesome decision to save money on your prescriptions with HSARx!

**Keep in mind you can also use the Chat Bot where a Prescription Concierge Specialist is eager to assist you! **

1. Sign in to your HSARx Account 

2. On your Home Page, you will be able to see your Fulfillment History as well as Download a digital copy of your member ID Card.

Under Fulfill History you will be able to see a list of Prescriptions that have been processed as well as:

  • Name of Medication

  • Strength of the Medication

  • Quantity

  • The Pharmacy it was filled at

  • Date it was Processed

  • Amount Paid

3. There is also the OnePrice Lookup Tool at your convenience. Where you can look up drug prices with ease

4. The Notification section will let you know if you have any notifications regarding your account or even a claim. 

5. Under Profile Information, you are able to see your demographics and are able to update them at any time. There is also a copy of your Member ID card that you can see to the right. You are able to get a copy here as well.

6. You are also allowed to Manage any Dependents you may have. Here you can add or delete dependents, get a copy of their Membership ID Card, and make any changes to the profile.

7. In your Account Settings, you will be able to manage communications from HSARx as well as your Payment Methods. 

  • This is where you can ADD or REMOVE your HSA Card Number, Debit Card Number, or Credit Card Number.

  • You can also set a certain payment method as your DEFAULT payment

    8. Lastly, there is the Help Section that will take you to the HSARx Help Center, where there are FAQs and assistance regarding HSARx and You!

    Thank you for your inquiry and please let us know if we can assist you with any other questions. 😊