Is HSARx an Insurance?

How does HSARx work?

HSARx is not health insurance. It is a prescription discount card program that can be used as an alternative to health insurance.

Your medical insurance has the ability to pay for doctor/hospital visits and prescriptions. Even with insurance, your prescriptions can be expensive. Sometimes you must use both your insurance and a coupon card to afford the medicine prescribed and even then it can still be pricey.

We offer an alternative to that method.

Since HSARx pays only for prescriptions, the HSARx team can focus on negotiating discounted rates for our members. This article describes that process and its result.

If you choose HSARx, you choose a partner to help you get your medicine!

Thank you for your inquiry and please let us know if we can assist you with any other questions. 😊

Disclaimer: An individual cannot use both HSARx and health insurance to pay for prescriptions: only one method may be used at the point of sale.