Why do I Need to Provide a Method of Payment When Signing Up With HSARx?

In order to get you the best price, we handle the transaction for you!

A typical pharmacy purchase has unnecessary fees and high prices. When you provide HSARx with your Health Savings Account card or credit/debit card number, we are able to:

  • Find the best price available
  • Reduce the fee amount per transaction
Best of all, you save up to 80% or more with our ONEPRICE guarantee at over 85,000 pharmacies across the U.S without having to clip coupons.

In most cases, you do not have to pay at the pharmacy when picking up your prescription(s). HSARx pays the pharmacy the negociated price, then will bill the payment method you have provided for your prescription(s). All you have to do is show your HSARx card, grab your prescription(s) and go!

If you do not wish to provide a payment method, please visit our sister site Swiftscript.co for our coupon card.

Thank you for your inquiry and please let us know if we can assist you with any other questions. 😊

Disclaimer: If you are picking up a Non-Preferred brand name and/or some higher-cost generic drugs, you will be charged up to a $40 Fill Fee at the register (depending on the price of the medication).