What is HSARx?

Information about what HSARx is

HSARx is a prescription discount card service.

We know that getting medical prescriptions can be expensive. In many cases, a person must use both their medical insurance and a pharmaceutical manufacturer coupon card to afford their medicine. The HSARx program is an alternative to that method. When a member presents their HSARx card to any of our 85,000 partnered pharmacies they can get up to 80% discount without using medical insurance.

But how does the HSARx prescription discount card service work?

  • You register with our program by linking a payment method (HSA card , or other credit/debit card).

  • Your doctor sends your prescription to one of our partnered pharmacies.

  • You tell your pharmacy if you want them to bill your medical insurance or HSARx. If the pharmacy bills us for the medication, the discounted rate is charged to your registered payment method.

Thank you for your inquiry and please let us know if we can assist you with any other questions. 😊